The NUSCO IMOBILIARA Company is among the largest real estate operators from Romania. The Company envisages developing significant urban areas by designing and erecting residential complexes, office buildings and commercial parks of modern conception, inspired by quality and sustainability principles of the environment.The NUSCO IMOBILIARA Company also performs investments with profit in the field of retail sales, offices and tourist compounds on the European market.In its history, the pursued objectives of capitalizing and developing the own portfolio enabled it to gain the part of a benchmark player in the real estate development in the Bucharest city. The NUSCO IMOBILIARA Company performs on own behalf the management and furtherance of the estates under its property in order to constantly improve the performances of investments.


The strategic development model of the Company is the one of an INVESTMENT & MANAGEMENT COMPANY


We generate value in time by capitalization and growth . We further values of eco –sustainability and liability towards clients and partners.


The Company is directly investing in gaining pieces of lands in metropolitan areas, which it is to re-qualify, pieces of land that it is to also capitalize in estates and industrial platforms, which it is to reconvert.


1997 Incorporation

  • The NUSCO IMOBILIARA Company was incorporated by the Chairman, Mr. Mario Felice Nusco.
  • In 2000 was gained the Pipera industrial platform in the Northern part of Bucharest city.

Between 2000 and 2010 extension of the real estate portfolio with profit

  • Aleea Alexandru office – 1500 sq.m. class A offices
  • Floreasca office building  - 4000 sq.m. class A offices
  • Caramfil office – 1300 sq.m. class B offices
  • Accomplishment of the Pipera 48 commercial park, 17,500 sq.m. commercial area

YEARS 2010 – 2015 consolidation of new residential projects

  • Erecting NUSCO TOWER – 23,000 sq.m. class A offices
  • Development of CITTÀ residential project in the Pantelimon district, a few kilometres from downtown. It is a residential park of modern conception with 580 apartments, parking spaces, green areas, park and joint services.
  • Development of PREMIO residential complex, a location of prestige and special finishing. Residential centre made up of 33 prestigious apartments in downtown Bucharest.