Premio: A unique place map

Downtown Bucharest is the “It” place, where everything goes around. If you don’t want to miss on all that, PREMIO – Exclusive City Center Apartments is your downright excuse to move out here.

PREMIO is a unique combination between a building created to last and a building with an exceptional design, altogether in an excellent location. NUSCO IMOBILIARA has built it together with an incredible artistic and able team of architects from The Architecture Factory.

When the architects have designed the PREMIO apartments they all had in mind two things: the highest level of distinctiveness and contemporary lifestyle. The outcome is no less than a refined mélange of style, quality, comfort and high standards.

And this is an important feature for everyone who knows that good things in life come in limited edition.

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A home you’ve always wanted, a smart investment for the future!

Located near Delfinului Square, a spot well connected to the rest of the town and a setting with a growing spurt, CITTA RESIDENTIAL PARK is a compound with 4 buildings and 380 apartments.

Built of course after the highest standards of quality and safety, with up-to-the-minute solutions for reduction of utility costs, CITTA brings to its dwellers all the much-needed facilities, such as: private parking lots, secured park and play-grounds, commercial areas.

Developed to meet all European construction-values, CITTA is a true modern residential compound in its very essence: the 2-rooms and 3-rooms apartments, which are luminous and efficiently configured, with high-quality finishing and equipments.

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